30 Ear Piercing ideas and piercing type from minimal cute piercing to hard core piercing

1. Ring piercing 



                                       piercing ring

 piercing ring, xs size $2.31 here


 piercing ring, s size $2.31 here


 piercing ring, M size $2.64   here



 piercing ring, L size $2.64   here


piercing ring

 piercing ring, XL size $2.64   here





Have you ever worn ear piercings?  Ear piercings are very popular fashion items  you have to keep a very close eye on whether you prefer simple studs or statement jewelrys, adding an piercing to your beauty look make all the difference


Here are piercing ideas which attract our attention



 2. cross piercing style 


big cross piercing , $4.95     here
3. heart piercing
heart piercing
Heart pierced color Piercing ,$3.30    here
Mini double Red heart Piercing ,$3.30  here
heart piercing
14K GoLd Flat heart Piercing,  $40.85  here
4. long chain piercing 
5.minimalist piercing 



flower piercing


7CZ star flower piercing L
$5.94     here


925 flower piercing

cz 5-leaf flower piercing
$4.13 here



flower piercing

Mini Cubic flower Piercing
$4.95 here

6. line heart piercing 

heart piercing


Hart line piercing,$3.96    here


heart piercing

Hart line piercing,$3.96    here
7.dangle cross piercing 
CZ 15 flat cross piercing, $5.61 here
dangle cross piercing
CZ ball flat cross piercing,$4.95       here
8. very tiny piercing 
9  leaf piercing 
10,. spike curbed piercing 
 curbed piercing, $1.65 here
11. ball piercing ring 
pyramid piercing
Mini ball round piercing,$2.64  here
12. pyramid piercing 
pyramid piercing
14k GL Simple low pyramid Piercing,$32.11   here
13.  constellation piercing 
constellation piercing
CZ flower Tail piercing
$6.60 here
14. earcuff piercing 
15. dangle piercing 
16. cz ball piercing ring 
925 piercing
925 piercing  CZ Cubic circular piercing,$3.30  here
CZ circle shiny piercing,$3.30  here
17.letter piercing 
Mini LOVE lettering CZ piercing,$3.30  here
thunder bolt piercing ,$4.29  here
18. cz size piercing 
19. ball piercing ring 
arrow piercing
8CZ arrow piercing,$5.94     here
20. two line piercing 
21. animal piercing and moon piercing 
22. leaf piercing 
feather piercing,leaf piercing
feather stud piercing, $3.30  here
23. titanium piercing 
24. 925 sterling silver piercing ring 
25. cz triangle piercing or cubic zirconia piercing 
26. initial piercing 
initial piercing
Capital initial Piercing,$3.96    here
initial piercing
925 bar Titanium Initial Piercing,$5.61  here
27. very tiny cz piercing 
28. line heart piercing 




heart piercing


Hart line piercing,$3.96    here


heart piercing

Hart line piercing,$3.96    here
29. golden ball piercing 
ball piercing
2 circle ball piercing,$1.65  here
30. stick bar piercing 
Round bar piercing,$3.30 
bar piercing
Round bar piercing,$3.30  here


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