Natural London Blue Topaz

Shape : Round

Gemstone : Genine Natural Morganite Round 

Size  :  - 1.25ㅣ1.5ㅣ1.75ㅣ2.0ㅣ2.25ㅣ2.5ㅣ2.75ㅣ3.0ㅣ3.25ㅣ3.5ㅣ4.0ㅣ4.5ㅣ5.0ㅣ6.0ㅣ7.0ㅣ8.0ㅣ9.0ㅣ10.0

What does an emerald symbolize?

Birth Stone Month : December

Known as the Jewel of Love and Loyalty. Apart from exuding a gorgeous blue hue, this particular variety of topaz also carries a deep symbolism. London blue topaz is known as the jewel of love and loyalty. It represents everlasting love and friendship. This makes the gem a wonderful gift for a loved one.

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london blue topaz

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